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upload_9690e19bd0f7d36a75ce184f4fc0be9On Friday the 15th of March almost 300 people converged on Macaluso’s in Hawthorne to attend the WEF Masquerade Ball and to help support Supporting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) Initiatives in Wyckoff Schools.

Crossing the grand entrance people were met by school dignitaries and by the hardworking WEF Trustees who provided them with details of auction items and a bidder number.  After an opportunity to purchase raffle tickets for the 50/50 or the enormous TV on display it was a short walk down the hall to pick up a mask and join the festivities.

The open bar area was bustling with people laughing and chatting with friends old and new.  Many a cocktail was dispatched as people loudly greeted new party goers or checked out the silent auction items.

upload_DSC_0007The decorating committee had outdone themselves this year.  The room was beautifully adorned with everything from large feather centerpieces to little touches such as ice-cubes that glowed in the glasses. Adding to the brightly colored masks that were to be seen everywhere it was an amazing sight to behold.

There was plenty of opportunity to mix with principals, teachers and members of the Wyckoff board of education.  I had some very nice conversations with Richard Kuder, Chris Della-Pietra, Samir Taneja and Scott Blake and we are lucky to have such talented and passionate people involved in our schools.

Dinner was an enormous buffet that required multiple trips to ensure that you didn’t miss out on anything.  Everything I tried (and I tried quite a bit!) was delicious and, of course, this was later followed by an equally sumptuous dessert spread complete with espresso and sambuca that ensured people with low will power were going home a few pounds heavier than when they arrived.

upload_DSC_0024After dinner came the live auction led by none other than the phantom of the opera (a.k.a Greg Wilson ) who kept things moving at a frantic pace as people tried to outbid each other for the fantastic prizes available.  This was followed by calling the raffle numbers and a final opportunity for people to get a last bid or two in on the silent auctions.

All too soon the evening was over and it was time to head home.  At the end of the day everyone had a fantastic time and, in the process, had record breaking attendance and raised almost $50,000 to help ensure that our children have the best education available anywhere.


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“Today, more than ever before, science holds the key to our survival as a planet and our security and prosperity as a nation. It’s time we once again put science at the top of our agenda and work to restore America’s place as the world leader in science and technology.”– President Barack Obama

Click on the picture below to see a presentation  showing how our teachers plan to leverage these exicting tools.




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Overall Results | Top Overall Men & Women | Top Masters Men & Women

Age Group Results | Special Categories | Team Results

How did you do?


  Thanks to all those that made this event great!

Lots of photos here.

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ipad-education_cutoutDuring 2010 the Wyckoff Education Foundation were approached by some teachers interested in using 21stcentury tools to boost language arts literacy in the 1st grade.

Like many parents, we were eager to see whether technology could improve our students learning experience. We know our children learn more effectively when they are engaged and having fun, but we also understand that people worry this may just be a fad.

WEF asked Ms. Miller and Ms. Stauffer to keep track of the results to determine the effectiveness of the tools and programs. The results were very encouraging and Ms. Miller and Ms. Stauffer presented those results during WEF’s June meeting.

Two sets of comparisons were performed…



  1. Year-over-year comparison of reading growthGoal_Reached
    During 2010-2011, 80% of students reached the year-end benchmark on the Fountas and Pinnell Benchmark Assessment. This compares with 2011-2012 where 100% of students using the iPads reached the year-end benchmark!
  2. Year-over-year and intra-class comparison of students reaching stretch goals of reading growth of 5 levels or more.

Stretch_Goal_ReachedDuring 2010-2011 47% of students reached the goal of 5 levels or more and, during 2011-2012 the average across the non-iPad classes was that 45% of children reached this level. This compares to the classes where iPads were used which showed that 62% of students reached the stretch goal! *


In addition to these impressive results the teachers spoke enthusiastically about other areas of improvement including increased sight word vocabulary, improved expressive oral reading fluency and expanded responses to literal and interpretive comprehension questions.

iPads were only used for short periods during the classroom and children were optionally allowed to be used during periods of free time.  Not surprisingly the children picked up the skills needed to use these devices very quickly.

Technology is certainly no substitute for good teachers, but when properly employed these tools do seem to provide a real boost to education and make the classroom and fun place to be, and what could be better than that?


Click here for a list of applications used within the Wyckoff school district.

* Results provided by Ms. Stauffer and Ms. Miller during the June 2012 WEF monthly meeting.

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By Kathleen Rutler of Wyckoff-Franklin Lakes Patch

The new principal at Eisenhower Middle School says lighting a fire in the minds of children at a young, impressionable age is his passion.

Iasiello was officially announced as the middle school principal on Monday night. His predecessor Stephen Raimo recently accepted a promotion as the director of research, planning, curriculum and evaluation in the district.


The Wyckoff Education Foundation announced a $50,000 donation to the Wyckoff School District earlier this month for additional purchases of iPads, educational apps and teacher training at the middle school.

The full story can be found on Wyckoff-Franklin Lakes Patch by clicking here.

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By Barry Houldsworth – WEF Trustee

IMG-20120609-00398Wyckoff day turned out to be a perfect opportunity for WEF trustees to catch up with the wonderful folks from Wyckoff and our neighboring towns.

Armed with bright red balloons and water bottles the team spread the word about what WEF does, and encouraged people to sign up for our annual 5K Run/1 Mile Run & Family Walk/Carnival, which is the be held on October 13th this year. 

Helping at an event like this really brings home just how much WEF does for our local schools.

For the people that hadn’t heard about WEF this was a great opportunity for us to toot our own horn. People were very supportive of programs that WEF has funded including the iPads, network upgrades, smart boards and teacher grants.   And they are genuinely impressed when you tell them that since WEF started we have provided well over one million dollars in support of their local schools.

It was especially gratifying to hear from people that were already aware of our work.  Parents and teachers stopped by to tell us what a great job we do, and one teacher personally thanked us for sponsoring her idea with an education grant.

By late afternoon the word was out.  We were having a hard time keeping up with the demand for balloons (partially caused by my poor balloon tying skills) and there were times when we didn’t have enough people available to talk to everyone at the stand.  But what a great problem that is to have!

At the end of a very satisfying day our hard working trustees had a great time catching up with Wyckoff parents and teachers.  A group that, in my humble opinion, is as supportive of our children and their education as you will find anywhere.  What better want to spend a few hours on a Saturday than supporting our wonderful town schools?

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Wyckoff NJ – JUNE 5, 2012:

ipad_booksThe Wyckoff Education Foundation (WEF) announces the allocation of $50,000 to the Wyckoff School District for additional purchases of iPad devices. The funds will be designated for iPad purchases, teacher training & applications.

This years’ funding is in addition to the 2011 WEF funding allocation where 125 iPads were distributed among the four Wyckoff Elementary Schools & Middle School.

“The continued support from Wyckoff Education Foundation is critical to the development of our tools for learning. This new round of IPad purchases will allow us to offer more students a diverse learning experience”, said Rich Kuder, Superintendent of Wyckoff Schools.


“We are thrilled to continue this important funding initiative”, said Robert Bayer, President Wyckoff Education Foundation. “We launched this pilot program last year and after the enormous success & positive feedback from Teachers & Students, WEF is proud to participate once again. The new iPad purchase will contribute to the “one to one” science initiative at Eisenhower School and will also provide additional iPads to the elementary schools for math, reading and literacy initiatives.”

The Wyckoff Education Foundation is a non-profit organization created in 1990 in response to declining government funding of schools. The WEF Fundraisers directly benefit more than 2,300 Wyckoff students in the four elementary schools and the Eisenhower Middle School. Since its inception, the Foundation has raised $1.2 million and has awarded the funds through grants to the Wyckoff Board of Education.

More information about WEF can be found at

Related articles: Wyckoff Public Schools Receive $50,000 to Enhance iPad Program – Wyckoff Patch

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BOE recognition_small

At the year end awards presentation by the Wyckoff Board of Education, WEF has honored to be recognized by the Wyckoff BOE along side the school PTOs and receive the Wyckoff Board of Education Appreciation Award for Outstanding Performance.

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image___001In 2011 the Wyckoff school district, under the guidance of Superintendant Richard Kuder, embarked on an innovative program to see how the traditional classroom education could be enhanced through the use of iPads as educational tools.   The Wyckoff Education Foundation (WEF) was proud to be a part of this introduction of the iPad program and provided 120 iPad tablets to kick start the program.

The rollout of the iPads to the classrooms has been a great success.  The students have used a wide range of iPad applications through the year while the teachers evaluated their effectiveness to determine which apps provided a real boost in a variety of subjects.

As we wind down the school year, WEF thought it would be helpful to consolidate the best applications and websites used in the classroom so that your child can benefit from using an iPad at home as a learning tool over the summer.

Each of the district schools has posted the applications to their websites and we have provided a summary of apps in the table below and links to the apps used in each elementary school. For more iPad applications and websites please visit your school’s homepage and click on the iPad button to the right.  Many of these applications can be downloaded via the iTunes store from the iPad for free however some applications may have a minimal fee

IPad Applications for Elementary Schools


Sums Stacker

Math Bingo

Splash Math

Rocket Math

Cash Cow

Math Blaster Hyper Blast

Coin math

Geometry 4 Kids

Kosmic Math

 Integer App

 Flash to Pass

 Multiplication Genius


Google Earth

Science 360


Seed Cycle


Where’s My Water

Color Mixer

Doodle Buddy

Comic Book!

ABC Music

Presidents vs. Aliens

Quick Voice

Stack the States

Stack the Countries

Show Me Interactive Whiteboard

Language Arts


Dragon Dictation


A-Z Reader

Grammar Dragon

WordWeb Audio Dictionary

Sentence Builder

Chalk Up

Word Bingo

Hangman Pro HD

iPad Apps in use by our schools

Coolidge Elementary School

Washington Elementary School

Sicomac Elementary School

Lincoln Elementary School

E-learning alternatives

Of course not all e-learning requires an iPad.  There are many great internet sites that can be accessed using any internet connected device, from a mobile phone to a home PC.  Here are a few of the teacher’s favorite web sites.

Math Websites

If you have any questions about the applications you can contact the school for more information.

Keeping your kids learning through the summer can be a real chore.  But with the right tools this could be the best summer yet!

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