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Or will the Washington Wizard’s pull ahead at the last minute and take it all for themselves in 2015? Remember, we also have the Coolidge Cougars, Eisenhower Middle School, and Sicomac formulating their plan to become the most participating school in this years WEF Annual 5K and Family Walk Event.

In 2014 and again for 2015, the Wyckoff Education Foundation will include a single prize for the top registering schools between K-8. Eligibility is for enrolled students who participate in the Annual 5K Run/Walk event hosted by the Wyckoff Education Foundation on Saturday, October 17, 2015 at the Eisenhower Middle School.

The grand prize is a $1,000 grant donated by the Wyckoff Education Foundation for the most participation from that school. All school’s receive a $500 grant. In 2014 it was a very close race, but the 54.5 percent participation from the Lincoln Elementary Lion’s has proven that their roar is more powerful than their bite!

Congratulations to the Lincoln Lion’s in 2014 and the Washington Elementary Wizard’s who came in a close 2nd place.

But, who will win the grand prize this year and gets to take home the bragging rights as the Top Participating School in the 2015 WEF Annual 5K Run/Walk Event?

CLICK HERE to spread the word and register for the 2015 WEF 5K and Family Walk!

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Tom Gobuzas

With the 2015 Wyckoff Education Foundation’s (WEF) Summer in it’s final lap before our children go back to school this September, it’s time for WEF to hand the reins to our new incoming President and present the 2015-2016 Executive Board Committee. Please welcome our three new WEF Executive Board members:

  • Carolina McAuley, President
  • Robert Mortorano, Secretary
  • Matt Bodino, Treasurer

We would also like to thank outgoing President Kevin Amerio, Vice President Michelle Arone, Secretary Michelle Tosney and Treasurer Todd Duffy for their great work and tireless service to the Board and the foundation. Their input and insights have helped put WEF on a path to greater giving. Kevin will now lead in the Vice President role as a coach to the incumbents for continued growth and success for the Wyckoff Education Foundation.


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Let’s do it again in 2015 for the Wyckoff Elementary and Middle School’s Fundraising!

Announcing the 2015 Wyckoff Spring Fling Fundraising Black & White* Event with Dinner, Dance, and Auction at Macaluso’s of Hawthorne, NJ.

Because the 2014 Spring Fling Event was such a success, the trustees of the Wyckoff Education Foundation and the organization are proud to announce the decision that the 2015 Wyckoff Spring Fling Fundraising Black & White Event will again be held at the always entertaining Macaluso’s of Hawthorne, NJ.

The Wyckoff Education Foundation is grateful for the enthusiasm always shown at it’s fundraising events by it’s donors that we are doing it again, but bigger and better for 2015 with a Black & White* Theme Event! Please join us to raise critical funding for the Wyckoff school district. Without everyone’s help and generosity an event like this would not be possible and our children never ever grateful.

* Dress attire is classy business casual in black and or white attire. Jeans acceptable! Tuxedos and Gala evening dresses are not required.

Join us in….

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October 2014 Wyckoff 5K Run/Walk Race Results

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For 2014, the Wyckoff Education Foundation also included a single prize for the top registering schools between K-8. Eligibility is for enrolled students who participated in the Annual 5K Run/Walk event hosted by the Wyckoff Education Foundation on Saturday, October 18 2014 at the Eisenhower Middle School. The prize is a $500 grant donated by the Wyckoff Education Foundation for the most participation from that school. It was a close race, but the 54.5 percent participation from the Lincoln Elementary Lion’s has proven that their roar is more powerful than their bite! Abraham_Lincoln_Lions

Congratulations to the Lincoln Lion’s in 2014 for leaping ahead as this year’s top participating school in the WEFs Annual 5K Run/Walk event!

“Today was a terrific example of how great our community is and how WEF makes a huge contribution. Thank you to everyone!!!” Kevin Amerio said. Kevin then laughed at the wonder of it all by saying “Besides adding another cotton candy machine, I can’t possible imagine how to improve next year when Lincoln defends the title!!!” 

washington wizards logo

And close behind hurling magic and chanting spells as they tried with all their might to overcome the mighty Lions, was the Washington Elementary Wizard’s. Washington Elementary came in second with an impressive 50.5 percent participation score from their enrolled student body.

Great job by all who participated! We look forward to next years competition to get bragging rights as the Top Participating School in the WEF Annual 5K Run/Walk Event.

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March 2014

Dear Wyckoff School Community,


The Wyckoff Education Foundation (WEF)  has a long tradition of supporting the work that occurs in our schools and has contributed over $1.2 million dollars to support innovative projects and ideas in the Wyckoff Public Schools.  Three years ago, with support from the Wyckoff Education Foundation (WEF), the Board of Education was able to provide over 450 iPads to the students in the district.  Last year, with WEF’s support, the district was able to focus on a Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) initiative to implement a state-of-the-art, middle school robotics program, and to provide block grants to the four elementary schools supporting STEM education.

For the 2014-15 school year, building off of these successes, the WEF is partnering with the district to enact a 1:1 laptop initiative in Grades 5 and 6.  For the past several years, the district has been piloting this project in 6th Grade Social Studies classes.  Using a Google Chromebook, a laptop device, these teachers have successfully created and implemented their lessons using these devices.  The results have been remarkable. The Google Chromebook is an appropriate device for our students to access and use their Google Docs accounts.  Google Docs, now in use in grades 2 – 8, provides a safe, protected platform for our students to work digitally in school and at home.  While our initial effort will focus on grades 5 and 6, it is our aim that within a few short years, every child will have daily access to a tablet or laptop device that can be used in the classroom.

We are very excited by this initiative and the impact that it will have on our students’ learning experiences. It is hard for all of us to imagine what our lives would be like at work or at home without the use of a Smart phone, tablet or laptop.  While these devices will never replace a great teacher, they are the tools of today.

It is our hope that you will join us in gathering support for this cause by participating in the WEF “Swing Into Spring – Roaring 20’s Gala” fundraiser on Friday, March 28, 2014 at Macaluso’s Restaurant.  This is an opportunity to keep Wyckoff on the cutting edge of education and to enhance the many wonderful opportunities that your children enjoy while attending the schools in Wyckoff.

With sincere appreciation for your anticipated support,


Richard D. Kuder

Superintendent of Schools


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2013 Run Sponsors

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The following video is from the finish line at the WEF 5k run.  The time is (mostly) shown in the video so if you know what time you achieved you can check out just how cool you looked when you crossed the line.

Everyone had a great time at the event and, as always, WEF appreciates everyone’s participation and generosity.

We also have a fine selection of still pictures which can be found here, in case you wanted to download something instead of grabbing a screenshot.

We had a few problems with the location which we will fix next year.

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The results are finally in!


The numbers were close and all the schools should be proud of themselves.   As always we base our winner on percentage of School Enrollment and we had a massive surge of sign ups on Friday night and Saturday.  It really was anyone’s game but, in the end, the final numbers are below.  Congratulations Coolidge!    

Also below are the winners for Fastest Boy and Fastest Girl at each school, each of whom will receive an iTunes gift card.  If all goes according to plan they will receive their prizes in school during the morning announcements.    There are also some names worth mentioning in the final standings.  Andy Skea won the race this year – see below for others.

Schools % Participation  
Coolidge 37.98% Winner
Sicomac 33.44%  
Washington 27.20%  
Lincoln 25.93%  
Eisenhower 16.60%  
  • Eisenhower : Nickey Chico F 19:43, Andrew Kraus M 20:44
  • Washington : Lilly Johnson F 26:34, Sean Clapp M 23:10
  • Lincoln: Ella Dimartina F 32:07, Jacob Piskaldo M 21:27
  • Sicomac: Lindsey Keogh F 25:25, Thomas Gilbert M 25:18
  • Coolidge: Andrew Sullivan M 23:16, Ava Bajakian, 36:55.

Is it worth mentioning – Ms. Vivino and Ms. Troast (Coolidge) took 1st and 2nd place in their age group, and Mr. Skea (Eisenhower) won overall 1st place.

We would like to say a special thank you to the superintendent, principals, PTO members, teachers and other staff for their commitment to WEF, our events and our schools.  We, as trustees of WEF, and parents love seeing them at the events.  The kids really enjoy seeing them all involved outside the normal setting of school.  It really helps them to develop a sense of community and on days like Saturday it was obvious we are in a great one.  Many of these folks spent time in the Dunk Tank – the kids were super excited about this and it was clear we had some extra participation in the run and the walk just so they could be there dunking their favorite principal!

And, of course, we would like to thank all of the parents and children that made the whole thing an event to remember. We could not pull these event off without your help, encouragement and participation.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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5kbannerCongratulations to all those that took part in the 2013 WEF 5k

And, of course, a special mention to our winners!

Category Name Time
Overall Winner ANDREW SKEA 18:15.6
Top Female NICKEY CHICO 19:43.4
Top Male Masters SCOTT CALABRESE 19:28.0
Top Female Masters CATHY FORSYTH 23:02.9
12 and Under Males ANDREW KRAUS 20:44.1
12 and Under Females NICKEY CHICO  19:43.4
 13-19 Males JUSTIN MACALUSO   19:40.8
 13-18 Females  DEVIN RUTH  24:55.2

In case you missed it we should mention that the overall female winner was also the winner in the 12 and under category.  Congratulations Nickey!

For a full listing of all race results please see the Best Race page

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