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Or will the Washington Wizard’s pull ahead at the last minute and take it all for themselves in 2015? Remember, we also have the Coolidge Cougars, Eisenhower Middle School, and Sicomac formulating their plan to become the most participating school in this years WEF Annual 5K and Family Walk Event.

In 2014 and again for 2015, the Wyckoff Education Foundation will include a single prize for the top registering schools between K-8. Eligibility is for enrolled students who participate in the Annual 5K Run/Walk event hosted by the Wyckoff Education Foundation on Saturday, October 17, 2015 at the Eisenhower Middle School.

The grand prize is a $1,000 grant donated by the Wyckoff Education Foundation for the most participation from that school. All school’s receive a $500 grant. In 2014 it was a very close race, but the 54.5 percent participation from the Lincoln Elementary Lion’s has proven that their roar is more powerful than their bite!

Congratulations to the Lincoln Lion’s in 2014 and the Washington Elementary Wizard’s who came in a close 2nd place.

But, who will win the grand prize this year and gets to take home the bragging rights as the Top Participating School in the 2015 WEF Annual 5K Run/Walk Event?

CLICK HERE to spread the word and register for the 2015 WEF 5K and Family Walk!

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