Thank you for a successful 2014! Your donations and involvement are always appreciated. We love coming together as a community for a great cause – contributing to and assisting in enhancing the Wyckoff School District’s quality of education and children’s experiences. It’s now time to focus on 2015 and the great things you can do for the Wyckoff School District.

We welcome you to the Wyckoff Education Foundation’s Annual Fundraiser Event. “Stay Calm and Fling On” 2015 Spring Fling Dinner and Dance Fundraiser Auction Event is officially announced. This year it’s a Black & White* Event at Macaluso’s in Hawthorne. More information after the break.

When was the last time you have seen your child smile because they came home and explained how they used some way-cool new technology at school? How about when you heard how excited they were to see their teacher conducting lessons with fancy teaching tools in language, culture, arts, science, math, or even music? Did you know electronic whiteboards are being used in corporations where the presenter uses a finger to annotate, explain, print, and save files – just like the Weatherman, but in interactive teaching in classrooms?

Guess what? At my job I can record, edit and assign instructional videos (great for New Hires, Information Security, and Compliance) in under an hour. New hires view videos before they come to work primed for performance. Translate that to teacher and student discussion. Watch as class time is completely transformed. This is what we want to achieve in 2015 & 2016. A rethink of the classroom and to motivate all moms, dads, grandparents, teachers, and the school system to reinvent the classroom. Mind-boggling fun! We need your help however.

If you’re like most in our community that cares about the Wyckoff School District and the educational excellence our children receive, that time has been every year since 1990 when the Wyckoff Education Foundation was first founded!

By the way, it’s our 25th Year Anniversary this year!

How would you envision your child’s response when they came home? Would you think deeper at how their teacher(s) were distributing knowledge and techniques in the class-room? Step inside one of the possible dedicated and future classrooms for 2016 that are being considered and that you too can be part of, support, and drive together with us at the Wyckoff Education Foundation for a transformation in education that aligns with best university thinking and practices. The Wyckoff School System can become the “mini-me” of Rutgers University when it comes to critical donations and sponsorship’s for enhancing the quality of our children’s education.

It’s all about thinking and creating the classroom of the future and also the type of teachings that go into each of the studies.

Imagine what that looks like for each of you…Each of us parents and care givers. Imagine how awesome it becomes for our elementary and middle school students! It’s mind-blowing that you too can make such an impact on their lives just by adjusting and tinkering with the environment and the tools they use. You are the Millennium Mom & Dad and Grandparents of our school systems future! Be a part of their experiences now and they’ll smile every time they come home.

Because you know that your donations, giving, and participation in our fundraising events is the reason why the Wyckoff School District has thrived in quality and achievement year after year. It’s one of the reasons why you came to Wyckoff. You and yours can help keep it that way for generations to come.

Your contributions in the past and now have helped make the Wyckoff Education Foundation the leading donor to the Wyckoff School District. We are so grateful to you for supporting our committed team of care givers and event coordinators.

Thanks to you, our caregivers have touched the lives of thousands – whether they faced an urgent need during Hurricane Sandy, or sought to improve the quality of education and resources by leading the newest initiatives and needs being demanded by you, our donors and sponsors. Thank you so much and we raise a toast to each of you at the 2015 Spring Fling Black & White Event at Macaluso’s in Hawthorne.

Please remember, the Wyckoff Education Foundation is your gateway to contributing to the educational excellence our school system provides your child. It’s also one of the many qualities (the #1 in my book) that makes Wyckoff a great place to live. The WEF exists to serve all the elementary and middle schools in Wyckoff, NJ  – to provide support through your care giver donations and fundraising participation.

Your generous gift in 2015 is extremely important to the Wyckoff Education Foundation because it provides resources to the Wyckoff School District to make an immediate and long-lasting impact in the initiatives that the Wyckoff Board, its members, teachers, and parents vote as the most important areas to focus on and improve. There is also the redesign of programs and initiatives. A type of “continuous excellence” ideology that is not spoken much of, just yet : ) 

A gift of $25, $100, $500, $1,000 or greater can make all the difference…… to every one who works to give your child the best education possible. You can donate on the WEF website securely using Paypal at any time.

Your donation will make a world of difference to a place so close to our hearts – our Wyckoff Elementary and Middle Schools.  I promise you.

Thank you so much for your help.


Wyckoff Education Foundation Board and Trustees

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