For 2014, the Wyckoff Education Foundation also included a single prize for the top registering schools between K-8. Eligibility is for enrolled students who participated in the Annual 5K Run/Walk event hosted by the Wyckoff Education Foundation on Saturday, October 18 2014 at the Eisenhower Middle School. The prize is a $500 grant donated by the Wyckoff Education Foundation for the most participation from that school. It was a close race, but the 54.5 percent participation from the Lincoln Elementary Lion’s has proven that their roar is more powerful than their bite! Abraham_Lincoln_Lions

Congratulations to the Lincoln Lion’s in 2014 for leaping ahead as this year’s top participating school in the WEFs Annual 5K Run/Walk event!

“Today was a terrific example of how great our community is and how WEF makes a huge contribution. Thank you to everyone!!!” Kevin Amerio said. Kevin then laughed at the wonder of it all by saying “Besides adding another cotton candy machine, I can’t possible imagine how to improve next year when Lincoln defends the title!!!” 

washington wizards logo

And close behind hurling magic and chanting spells as they tried with all their might to overcome the mighty Lions, was the Washington Elementary Wizard’s. Washington Elementary came in second with an impressive 50.5 percent participation score from their enrolled student body.

Great job by all who participated! We look forward to next years competition to get bragging rights as the Top Participating School in the WEF Annual 5K Run/Walk Event.

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