The results are finally in!


The numbers were close and all the schools should be proud of themselves.   As always we base our winner on percentage of School Enrollment and we had a massive surge of sign ups on Friday night and Saturday.  It really was anyone’s game but, in the end, the final numbers are below.  Congratulations Coolidge!    

Also below are the winners for Fastest Boy and Fastest Girl at each school, each of whom will receive an iTunes gift card.  If all goes according to plan they will receive their prizes in school during the morning announcements.    There are also some names worth mentioning in the final standings.  Andy Skea won the race this year – see below for others.

Schools % Participation  
Coolidge 37.98% Winner
Sicomac 33.44%  
Washington 27.20%  
Lincoln 25.93%  
Eisenhower 16.60%  
  • Eisenhower : Nickey Chico F 19:43, Andrew Kraus M 20:44
  • Washington : Lilly Johnson F 26:34, Sean Clapp M 23:10
  • Lincoln: Ella Dimartina F 32:07, Jacob Piskaldo M 21:27
  • Sicomac: Lindsey Keogh F 25:25, Thomas Gilbert M 25:18
  • Coolidge: Andrew Sullivan M 23:16, Ava Bajakian, 36:55.

Is it worth mentioning – Ms. Vivino and Ms. Troast (Coolidge) took 1st and 2nd place in their age group, and Mr. Skea (Eisenhower) won overall 1st place.

We would like to say a special thank you to the superintendent, principals, PTO members, teachers and other staff for their commitment to WEF, our events and our schools.  We, as trustees of WEF, and parents love seeing them at the events.  The kids really enjoy seeing them all involved outside the normal setting of school.  It really helps them to develop a sense of community and on days like Saturday it was obvious we are in a great one.  Many of these folks spent time in the Dunk Tank – the kids were super excited about this and it was clear we had some extra participation in the run and the walk just so they could be there dunking their favorite principal!

And, of course, we would like to thank all of the parents and children that made the whole thing an event to remember. We could not pull these event off without your help, encouragement and participation.

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