upload_9690e19bd0f7d36a75ce184f4fc0be9On Friday the 15th of March almost 300 people converged on Macaluso’s in Hawthorne to attend the WEF Masquerade Ball and to help support Supporting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) Initiatives in Wyckoff Schools.

Crossing the grand entrance people were met by school dignitaries and by the hardworking WEF Trustees who provided them with details of auction items and a bidder number.  After an opportunity to purchase raffle tickets for the 50/50 or the enormous TV on display it was a short walk down the hall to pick up a mask and join the festivities.

The open bar area was bustling with people laughing and chatting with friends old and new.  Many a cocktail was dispatched as people loudly greeted new party goers or checked out the silent auction items.

upload_DSC_0007The decorating committee had outdone themselves this year.  The room was beautifully adorned with everything from large feather centerpieces to little touches such as ice-cubes that glowed in the glasses. Adding to the brightly colored masks that were to be seen everywhere it was an amazing sight to behold.

There was plenty of opportunity to mix with principals, teachers and members of the Wyckoff board of education.  I had some very nice conversations with Richard Kuder, Chris Della-Pietra, Samir Taneja and Scott Blake and we are lucky to have such talented and passionate people involved in our schools.

Dinner was an enormous buffet that required multiple trips to ensure that you didn’t miss out on anything.  Everything I tried (and I tried quite a bit!) was delicious and, of course, this was later followed by an equally sumptuous dessert spread complete with espresso and sambuca that ensured people with low will power were going home a few pounds heavier than when they arrived.

upload_DSC_0024After dinner came the live auction led by none other than the phantom of the opera (a.k.a Greg Wilson ) who kept things moving at a frantic pace as people tried to outbid each other for the fantastic prizes available.  This was followed by calling the raffle numbers and a final opportunity for people to get a last bid or two in on the silent auctions.

All too soon the evening was over and it was time to head home.  At the end of the day everyone had a fantastic time and, in the process, had record breaking attendance and raised almost $50,000 to help ensure that our children have the best education available anywhere.


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