By Barry Houldsworth – WEF Trustee

IMG-20120609-00398Wyckoff day turned out to be a perfect opportunity for WEF trustees to catch up with the wonderful folks from Wyckoff and our neighboring towns.

Armed with bright red balloons and water bottles the team spread the word about what WEF does, and encouraged people to sign up for our annual 5K Run/1 Mile Run & Family Walk/Carnival, which is the be held on October 13th this year. 

Helping at an event like this really brings home just how much WEF does for our local schools.

For the people that hadn’t heard about WEF this was a great opportunity for us to toot our own horn. People were very supportive of programs that WEF has funded including the iPads, network upgrades, smart boards and teacher grants.   And they are genuinely impressed when you tell them that since WEF started we have provided well over one million dollars in support of their local schools.

It was especially gratifying to hear from people that were already aware of our work.  Parents and teachers stopped by to tell us what a great job we do, and one teacher personally thanked us for sponsoring her idea with an education grant.

By late afternoon the word was out.  We were having a hard time keeping up with the demand for balloons (partially caused by my poor balloon tying skills) and there were times when we didn’t have enough people available to talk to everyone at the stand.  But what a great problem that is to have!

At the end of a very satisfying day our hard working trustees had a great time catching up with Wyckoff parents and teachers.  A group that, in my humble opinion, is as supportive of our children and their education as you will find anywhere.  What better want to spend a few hours on a Saturday than supporting our wonderful town schools?

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