2012 Spring Fling

2012 Spring Fling

On behalf of the WEF Trustees I would like to thank everyone for making our 2012 Spring Fling Event such a success.  We had great support within the community from the parents, family sponsors, local businesses, school administrators, principals and teachers.

The Wyckoff Education Foundation is grateful for the enthusiasm shown which has allowed us to raise critical funding for the school district.  Without everyone’s help and generosity an event like this would not be possible.  An extra-special mention is due to our trustees Laz Valentin and Michelle Arone for their tireless efforts putting the event together.

WEF employs the funds generated by these events within the entire school district to promote innovative teaching and learning programs, allowing each child to reach their full potential.  The iPad program introduced last year has shown very positive results so far and we hope to build on that, and support the many other ideas generated by our schools teachers and staff.

Once again thanks for your support for WEF and education in Wyckoff.  You will be hearing more about our activities soon.


Robert Bayer

WEF President

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