image___001In 2011 the Wyckoff school district, under the guidance of Superintendant Richard Kuder, embarked on an innovative program to see how the traditional classroom education could be enhanced through the use of iPads as educational tools.   The Wyckoff Education Foundation (WEF) was proud to be a part of this introduction of the iPad program and provided 120 iPad tablets to kick start the program.

The rollout of the iPads to the classrooms has been a great success.  The students have used a wide range of iPad applications through the year while the teachers evaluated their effectiveness to determine which apps provided a real boost in a variety of subjects.

As we wind down the school year, WEF thought it would be helpful to consolidate the best applications and websites used in the classroom so that your child can benefit from using an iPad at home as a learning tool over the summer.

Each of the district schools has posted the applications to their websites and we have provided a summary of apps in the table below and links to the apps used in each elementary school. For more iPad applications and websites please visit your school’s homepage and click on the iPad button to the right.  Many of these applications can be downloaded via the iTunes store from the iPad for free however some applications may have a minimal fee

IPad Applications for Elementary Schools


Sums Stacker

Math Bingo

Splash Math

Rocket Math

Cash Cow

Math Blaster Hyper Blast

Coin math

Geometry 4 Kids

Kosmic Math

 Integer App

 Flash to Pass

 Multiplication Genius


Google Earth

Science 360


Seed Cycle


Where’s My Water

Color Mixer

Doodle Buddy

Comic Book!

ABC Music

Presidents vs. Aliens

Quick Voice

Stack the States

Stack the Countries

Show Me Interactive Whiteboard

Language Arts


Dragon Dictation


A-Z Reader

Grammar Dragon

WordWeb Audio Dictionary

Sentence Builder

Chalk Up

Word Bingo

Hangman Pro HD

iPad Apps in use by our schools

Coolidge Elementary School

Washington Elementary School

Sicomac Elementary School

Lincoln Elementary School

E-learning alternatives

Of course not all e-learning requires an iPad.  There are many great internet sites that can be accessed using any internet connected device, from a mobile phone to a home PC.  Here are a few of the teacher’s favorite web sites.

Math Websites

If you have any questions about the applications you can contact the school for more information.

Keeping your kids learning through the summer can be a real chore.  But with the right tools this could be the best summer yet!

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