We are the Wyckoff Educational Foundation. Our focus is the enrichment and advancement of the children in Wyckoff, NJ thru technology grants and programs. 

We empower our educators to use the latest technology in our classrooms and give our children a competitive advantage in the modern world.
Student Focused
Inclusive Programming
Volunteer Lead
This year, WEF will be focused on raising funds to purchase items such as AR/VR devices (goggles, headsets, etc) for augmented and virtual reality. Currently, the district has just two AR/VR devices (provided by WEF in 2017).

Projects And Initiatives

Projects that have been presented to the board in which we are actively seeking funding...

E-TV Studio Upgrade

Allow for students to become working members of a news production team! They will plan, film, and edit a weekly news broadcast highlighting other students and events within the schools. This broadcast will be viewed by the entire student body. Students will also have opportunities to create podcasts.

Safe Check Temperature Machines

To ensure a safe re-entry back into the Wyckoff public schools, temperature machines were critical need. These proved to be invaluable in keeping the students, teachers and faculty safe.

Makerspace Rooms

WEF contributed $50,000 towards Makerspace development in each of the four elementary schools and a state-of-the-art Innovation Lab at Eisenhower Middle School. Makerspaces provides hands-on, creative ways to encourage students to design, experiment, build and invent – while engaging in science and engineering.